Ich bin ja nicht nur zum decken da, Ich will auch leben.

Enjoying the rhineland sun, painting.

Adding a further layer.

While painting as usual lots of hunches.

As always that fine line between comfortzone and the outside within new expierences where all the magic is happening.

Structuring myself to further each painting with in a different unique direction.

Accepting that it might take a another decade till each painting is a finished masterpiece.

Most of the paintings here I started from two sides with 2010/ 2011. Signed them the first time thinking they where finished in Summer 2013/2014.

A aim is that the paintings grow with in sophistication how they are painted.

If you want to know how I work, why, etc, with in Textform.

Go to my blog, and click circa 20 pages back. From there on till a year ago, circa i posted lots of story’s, insider infos on my history, process, f-ups, successes, adventures, aswell as my boring studio artist life.

Thank you for your interest in my work.