My art is about the greatest problem in the world.

Painting before Lunch.

Been often enough painting in country’s/ regions like Australia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, California, to know that highnoon is fiesta time.

Too hot. Too much art studio office work the last 6 month.

The urge painting/ creating was too intense. My main rule, being everyday productive.

Like with rudyard Kiplings poem ‘if ‘ filling the unforgiving minute, with 60seconds worth of distant run.

Painting the paintings with in my 20 decade + long work process rotation.

Adding growing layers, nuance, indulging in the paints color effects. Enjoying the productive workflow vs making nuanced intelligent charismatic painting decisions.

Iam having a beach, summer, rural landscape, somewhere in the Wildwest, Mexico, Sierra, toscany, Formentera, eastprussia, Eifel, Münsterland, Summer vibe while painting.

German painter/ artist SEAK Claus Winkler, June 2023

German painter/ artist SEAK Claus Winkler, June 2023

German painter/ artist SEAK Claus Winkler, June 2023:

Having a new fresh hair cut, looking sharpe.

Last 2 weeks spraypainting, continuing my studiowork process liberating, soulfood.

Enjoying the summer weather.

Beautiful. It’s always a balance, splitting myself, between painting, studio office work like self marketing, posting photos, writing texts, art process journaling.

It’s already a splitting myself my focus with should continue painting this canvas, or that work on paper, a wallpainting, my studio outside.

Then there is making time to do sport, working out. Social-life, having a rotation from traditional non 304 modern untattooed quality feminine great culinary off social media off any apps low entitlement women ( future mothers from my children ) not talking, or a hobby, or reading a book.

Iam drowning in books, fiction, history, aswell as practical useful science based, I should read/ continue reading.

I will invest with in a few machetes and knives from different sizes. If any one knows a manufacturer and or brand how support/ sponsor me….feel free mentioning my name.

The security situation here in germany is escalating.
Since my beginning times painting in public i was always strapped with a piece/ a self security tool/ weapon/ you name it.

We reached a point here in germany where the protecting yourself with something small are over.

Always carry the maximum, depending what the situation makes possible. Redpilled based grounded, grown man, ignoring feminised beta lefties/ naive crabs in the bucket people.

Enjoying my day, being healthy, listening to quality redpill yt content.

Uploaded the photos from my last days Work process with in my web blog. Feel free following me there, sharing, and liking it.