Another handcurated Meme netfounds post:

Dear Art followers/ art lovers/ art interests/ art investors/ artist colleagues

Dear comrades in arms and spirit, (Mitstreiter)

I know you don’t want to see this. You want to dream and play like a child.

You don’t want to be confronted with reality.

The memes here I found by being online in the last days.

They are from all kinds of digital artists.

If you scroll further down you will more then you can indulge and comprehend on, art by me, as well as memes I found online.

Iam just painting. Although lots of story’s, reflections on my process, etc.

Note that due a political opinion one sided secret police agency here in Germany who fights against the political opposition while pretending to be neutral, the free speech in Germany is history.

They call it „ gesinnungs Justiz „.

The asides and on top there already personal political in most cases leftist agenda/ opinion, the state attorneys smd judges in germany are policed adviced and guided by the politcal party in charge of the government.

Its that crazy that the international and European law enforcement doesn’t accept and follow and enforce international warrants by the German justice system due there non being political non neutrality.

Pardon my english, but I hope you get it and understand.

Iam writing this here here for average joe sheeple boomer in mind.

So postings these memes is tricky.

We can’t stop them to lie.

We can just force them to lie more obvious.

I’ve you want to support the digital artists who created these memes, copy paste and share there work.

I’ve you want to support me for what and how I paint, buy my work, share my work.

Money is life energy.

( you can donate money to me at http//

My aim is to find several German women and found a large german family clan.

Depending on how the situation here in Germany changes I might evacuate emigrate to saver countries with a more white demography.

These meme postings Iam sharing as meme cluster, like the posting, like all my postings on my blog, are pieces of art. They are digital ready made collages, they emulate „ blog postings „, and are protected by the Kunstfreiheit law.