SEAK Claus Winkler is the truth

All photos from today, this morning. ( 16.June 2023)

Let’s talk about my paintings?

It’s a burden, a grounding thought, knowing how much further work will get into them.

Painting can be a creating a collecting with in a painting collection of vibes, thoughts, from all the things, expierences you love, like, appreciate the

most in the same moment/ visual, just abstract.
Inclunding the subliminination/ substitute to sexuality/ and or binary/ non binary structures.

I think my name creates so much freedom, structureless freedom, that people can reanchor them with in my art.

My art being the conversational piece, in between them, so they both can keep there binary structure, if they aren’t any fertile women with in the room, functioning as energy catchet, and or each individual in the room holding a cigar, a piece of caviar, or holding a glas of champagne, and or whiskey.

When you see those technical vehicle mech like structures, weh ich although could be weapons/ tools/ items, they are abstracted letters.

In a lot cases.
Maybe my paintings are a Extension for a guy, who has the sport cars, the luxury timepieces, the cool stylish guns, the collector historic weapons, the boat, the limited sneakers, the stylish things, and wants to connect deeper with those things?

That’s why they need my paintings?

Or my paintings are for women who like/ want guys who have all of the above, and wants to reap/ harvest/ get/ them.

For fun, ego, validation, lust, breeding list children with them?

Hmm, I need to talk more about, with in my paintings. Rather then who people, will, can, strategic use them?