Art process artist SEAK Claus Winkler

When deducting my painting work process with in the context from my house ( studio/ living ) i can choose a lot different perspectives. For example in what way are the colors ( nuances)/ forms I choose painting with/ on, the day before, are connected with what i dreamed the night? How/ what kind of sex I had in the morning? What hunches ( almost non detectable idea sparks) I had to questions I asked days/ months/ weeks before? Why did my breakfast ritual was different from the day before? Which letter/ word form did influenced me having sex in this/ that direction? How did the packaging of a product influcenced the paintings i will paint with today? Or better, how did the conotation from that packaging design which I had in the fridge ( at what position?/ how often used before? Etc?) influenced me yesterday? In what way did the architectural shape of the room the painting were in, the sex happened, the breakfast was eaten, the breakfast was prepared, I did put my clothings on, I showered, etc influenced which thought/ conclusion/ relief/ thought process? How did my thought process how to reflect my work process became influenced by the message from a female friend/ ex fling/ and the the form/ color meanings the emoji is having she used? How does will influence my up to date knowledge about form/ color/ words/ reality/ sexuality ( hidden for the blind/ obvious for people knowing about color/ form/ words/ sounds/ conotations/), social dynamics? How will this do influence my work process? Knowing about colors, I know for example my female friend sended me a message, influenced by my color choices from the last days. How all this above mentioned stands with in context of the word/ sound ‚ House ‚ ( (Haus) same pronunciation))

Artist, Künstler SEAK Claus Winkler: I’ve seeing the word ‚Bi ‚ although with in a life spending reproductional context like ‚ labia / ‚ labien ‚ the sky clears, the inner landscape becomes beautiful.
Having a painting from me with in the room can change/ pre prime the whole dynamic. A lot of times Iam redirecting my thoughts/ reflections while painting. Sailing, cruising against the wind, hard at the wind. Due the amount of paintings with in a room, there is although a different structure. I guess my inner structure tops the trigger structure in the rooms, I’ve i full fill, stay on my mission keeping with that color, that brush, parallel hearing this kind of music/ lyrics, speaker/ topic, searching where what to paint. Some times I paint with a different picture strategy. While painting in a creation room, i observe my feelings, how does the color influences me. Comparing the colors with in a room, with the color i paint with, with the clothes I wear, with the color is where at the painting, although what colors are suggested to me via the audio Iam listening. Sometimes I just focus on the painting. I enjoy how the paintings are growing with each layer/ complexion/ nuance/ etc.
Going working on a mission thru my houses rooms, is freedom, travelling without travelling. It’s like a Land of milk and honey, where the cinnamon milk rice are the painting to paint, the hot chocolate is the tea ( no calories ), the food are the audio files/ audiobooks/ content listening too, every room with paintings to paint a different fruitful chilled valley with a village.

Artist, Künstler SEAK Claus Winkler workprocess: Iam going from room to room, with a palette of suddle/ muted colors/ a bucket of paint ( doesn’t matter if just for inside/ outside usage paint), and a brush. Going to each canvas/ plate/ paper painting/ drawing, adding paint. Enjoying the easy process, while listening via headphones useful deep/ entertaining content. Parallel to paint reflecting why my thoughts/ feelings are different by observing although in the viewing angle/ shadows/ corners the things standing around in the kitchen, the tools/ kitchen products/ etc in the house, for example.
Possible same gender sex having with each other connotation via form/ logos/ colors/ architecture/ painting, I do interpretate Iam the top/ the active dominant part keeping my soul clean. ( of course to busy with woman). Since this year Iam having classic pitstop/ trucker/ workplace/ mainstream Pin-up-Girl calendar hanging at the studio walls. ( Exchangeable average mainstream 9s/10s ). I assume my work/ the conotation with in my name/ work are already so lgbtq pro/ pro prep/ pro all people are pigs/ bulls/ H-wife’s/ feme/ soy / innocent angels/ partay/ etc etc, that it’s good standing although up for classic gender dynamics.
Iam reflecting the different subliminal feelings/ thoughts/ triggers from using different brushes. How does the brush look/ feel/ works. Does it feels different to use the brush with in the different rooms? Why do i have which thoughts/ hunches/ expectations with in which room?
How is my choice of colors triggered by my house, the interior, the sounds with in my name?