Limitierte Serie


Auf Papier/ DIN4/ Papier/ Karton/ Skizzen/ Schwarzweiß/ 1000Euro Netto/ Pro Blatt/ So wie es ungefähr aussehen wird Photos bei Instagram/ Twitter. Kontakt über Website/ Silvia/ Geld im vorraus/ Könnt bei der Erstellung dabei sein. Beste raussuchen. Limitierte Serie/ First come/ First served. Weihnachten.

Goethe hat einmal gesagt

Selbst mit Steinen die einem in den Weg gelegt werden kann man was schönes bauen

Selbst mit Steinen die einem in den Weg gelegt werden kann man was schönes bauen


& was vom Teig essen dürfen satt

& was vom Teig essen dürfen satt

& was vom Teig essen dürfen satt


Um noch mehr Geld verleihen zu können

Um noch mehr Geld verleihen zu können

Um noch mehr Geld verleihen zu können


Und wenn Sie nicht gestorben sind dann…

Seak paper original

Sein erstes Kunstwerk beim Künstler holen fühlt sich bestimmt so an wie damals als Kind sich nachdem Geburtstag sich selber die Spielsachen und Geschenke im Laden raussuchen die man wirklich haben möchte.


SEAK’s Alltag ist wie bei Grimms Märchen. Aufeinmal stand Angelika vor der Tür und wollte Kunst kaufen. Für Sie war es das erstemal spontan bei einem Künstler den Sie gut findet zu klingeln.

Seak 2014 SommerSeak Claus Winkler ein aktuelles Photo von dieser Woche.

kunst_seak_art_graffiti_painting_style_streetart_original_germany_kunst_piece_koeln Wir sind hier gemeinsam durch das ganze Haus gestürmt und Sie hat sich die für Sie besten Werke gesichert. Kindheits Träume, Jagen und sammeln.

10 mighty artist rules on how to sucessfully sell art by SEAK ( 10 How to)

The 10 Rules on how to sell successfully art directly to buyers by SEAK

Showroom von SEAK Südlich Kölns(Photo: Gemälde (Sprühdose, Stifte, Acyrl) SEAK in seiner Atelier Galerie Südlich Kölns )

1. Rule: Find the strategic best vs. what is good for the personal development?

Make your significant masterpieces the ones youve learned & grown on the most, and that they are youre biggest & most expenisve paintings. True wealth will only go for the best & outstanding ones. They might ask you for the paintings you don`t wanna sell. Show them only when you only know they can afford it. First class people hire first class people. second class people hire third class people. Let them explain you the reasons why they love a painting, and what reasons are there for them to buy this particular one. The masterpieces are your premium artworks, thats what the big collectors are pretending to look for cause it will deepen there art collection. They might although aim for it, cause they got hopes that it will be good investment. You should inspire them to buy for the cause on love & affection for the painting itself instead greed. Paintings have a powerful way changing its viewers. You might have to explain this to your art buyers. They might be living more by numbers and classic business, being lesser connected with there concious feelings. Its good to open them, and there mind for your art, conceptually and practically.

2. Rule: Upperclass, rich, wealthy, luxurios & buying directly in the studio

Make smaller sliced down, sharpend & simplified easy awesome versions from your masterpieces in itself logical closed series for non wealthy but rich looking buyers. They wanna collect in a system they are used to from classic gallerys. Someone who can buy porsche or two in cash, or spends  10 Grand on liquor & blow on one weekend can easly can handle choice. Someone who isnt in this this position needs stay on the tiptoes abit reaching for your collectable serial gear to that what you offer is super rare. People will only be able give you the value they have for them selfs to you max. So for those you outgunned with your large more exclusive body of work you have to make a little show and have really nice stuff in there financial leaque. Its all a fun game.

( Photo: angefragte Papier 3D Style Buchstaben Arbeit von SEAK mit dem Wunsch Wort “Caspar” (Kunst))

3. Rule: Something different for each artfriend, buyer, fan, Investor, you name it

Have works & pieces on paper for those who can’t afford a canvas as a proper financially entry & sidestep. When fans recognize you are already too developed with your prices on paintings, its good to have something sexy on paper. You can although realise there wishes on paper till you are booked out on canvas. The next more grounded enterance level are serigraphie signed and numberd silkscreen editions. All collectable original goods who can gain value for your collectors. Bulid a layercake on original artwork. Display and store your artpieces, artwork, paintings, sculptures and works on paper in a way that people easly can understand the different styles, layers, prices. Think like a shop with products. Only that your gear is the most exclusive Luxury on the Planet. Art!

(Photo: So schön kann SEAK auf Leinwand sein. Alles Sprühdose, Acyrl, Stifte & Öl)

4. Advice: Know the art game, your game & behave royal to attract elite behavior

Make the masterpieces the paintings, you won’t sell at all, and if you sell them, than only for a super high price. (one more zero) Sell the masterpieces to loyal art buyers who have proven you to bring you more and powerful new art clients. Be prepared. Have an agreement with the people who buy your works that they give you the opportunity to rebuy your paintings, and paper works back in case they don`t have it in the future anymore. You deserve this right as the artist. It gives you the chance to nurture your brand. You where the one who gave them the opportunity & chance to aquire your wonderful work. You could have sold it easly to someone else. So the least they can do is, to have to give you the chance to first buy your work back. You should integrate into the written agreement that you have enough time to find new collector for the individual painting.

(Photo: Eines der besten Werke von SEAK das blau weisse “Ich” von SEAK. Gesprüht, gemalt & gezeichnet. Die “Ich / “Wir” Werke sind seine neue Meisterklasse)

5. Tip: Work with your collectors instead on just selling them your art.

You can sell your premium painting stuff to anyone, so make them family when they have proven their loyalty & Interest in you with gained pieces. People who are interested in your work will come move mountains to come to you. Make them come again in always having new interesting works on display & in your backroom. Relax with the terms “art”, “graffiti”, “streetart”, “fine art”, “kunst”, “malerei”, “illustration”, “oilpainting”, “works”, “gemaelde”, “artwork”. People with real fiancially power and taste can see & identify for them self if something got quality, or even outstanding quality. It will help to explain them your work abit. Find out the reasons why & what they love on your art.

(Selbstportrait Bildnis von SEAK auf Papier. Eine echte Befreiung in Acyrl & Kugelschreiber)

6. Law: Be playfully, authentic & take yourself lightly.

For your buyers, buying art is a playfully luxurious looking fun expierence wirh there play & pocket money. So have fun, keep your lifestyle simple, stay on the ground, and keep your spirit especially when the for you “big money” is rolling in. For them its just game. Make sure your paintings are in the foreground. Art is pure Luxury & Highstatus. Its about your art, there feelings. You & them will recognize in split seconds which painting they like. Think, speak with enthusiasm & true natural confidence. Make them come to you. Be prepared that they might try to create doubt in you to commit to a gallery, and thats its only then an investment. reframe this maneuvers with knowledge you gained here in this postings & seak´s website. Know your Price & value. give you a high value, and you will succeed. Don´t show people too much work. Some you should offer them to choose a painting for them. This is a positive signal that they trust you and are ready to commit to yo, relieving themselfs from the stress to choose. Be fast.

( Collage des Kunst Alltags von SEAK in Köln. Bilder, Werke, Wände, Wandbilder malen, sprühen & verkaufen an Sammler, Fans, Unterstützer & Freunde seiner Kunst )

7. Rule: Build up a clever diversified oeuvre on paintings.

Make them collect you & all your different works. You will be as an artist creating different collections on paintings, pieces, paper, series, sculptures. Inspire your buyers to collect on different levels. Be awesome. Get inspired by brands while being authentic. Structure your collection. The reasons why people do something is more important than what people do.

Wenn du einfach das machst was du liebst wird es dich automatisch zu dem führen was du möchtest.( Photo: Bildauswahl einer ganz besonders authentische Malerei Position von SEAK. Hier zeigt sich die besondere vielschichtigkeit seiner Kunst.)

8. Rule: A Warning! Cocaine, wealthy Art clients, artcollector & you the free artist! 

Be witty an fun on cracking decent jokes about coke culture and its qualitys when necessary in conversation to show your distinguished society horizon, but keep your own nose clean. Otherwise it will cause you years on focus, and challenge your real goals. Be liberal when your buyers & collector friends are lit up. We all have your vices and that is just fine. Keep this one out of your life, for it will distract you from your work, and your artbuyers will loose respect in the longrun. Accept only money for your work as payment. You can only serve one major godly feeling in the universe and that is your love partay on creating your art. They are other & for you in the long run more energy efficient & natural ways on building rapport & friendship connection with your buying artcollectors. A good way is to act believeably blind or to mention a heartfailure from personal consume years to avoid galantly offers by your peers. You have to stay independent doesnt matter how deeply you connected in your hood. The collectors who are doing it alone on the toilet distinguishedly descretly are the ones who buying your work. The ones who are offering are the sharks who try to lay you on a chain where they make you dependent on them in no time. When your collectors are back in there life you are on your own. Stay free!!!

(Photo: Der welbekannte Künstler SEAK Frühjahr 2013 in seiner Atelier Galerie in Köln)

9. Rule: Understand society & the social class who buy your artwork & paintings!

Hangout, chill and make friends with bankers, brokers, entrepreneurs, privatiers, millionaires, royalty old established  aswell as new money. Learn what is important for them in art, in the process on collecting art, and the aquistion on art. Learn how the human nature being thinks, loves, feels, and behave when rich & wealthy without judging. Understand there Perspective. When you are passionate & focused in your art you will soon reach the same financial status as your artbuyers. Learn from them, your are on same income level as the 7 closest friends arround you by statistic. Beaware that new money only looks like money and is mostly interested in just showing there new status publicly, so rethink about if art is already there momentary status toy. Think like the Vietcong. An army lives by its land! Be aware that you as the artist are the catch and the living status symbol so act like it. The ones showing themselfs with you in public will gain than even without even buying massive amount on social value in there circles. Make them earn it substancialy. Class & oldmoney will understand this, and will support galantly. People with test you early how you behave yourself reagrding this. be wise, straight forward & honest. people with money and without established interlectual culture will have to by the culture in art form to get integrated in new older money circles, while people who come from money got the cultural interlectual horzion by education and childhood to understand and grow on art. Use this to your advantage.

(Photo: Eine neue von den 3 grossen “Ich” Leinwand Werken die gerade erhältlich sind.)

10. Rule: Go bigger! For you exclusive, is not necessary for your buyers exclusive

Offer for promising art investment and interesting buyers only big or expensive luxurious paintings. Strategic & wealthy buyers buy alot of times one time, and then they wait for 10years to see how you develop on the market with your prices. You create your market arround you. Give them only the chance to by the great stuff. They will love you for this. Curate them thru your whole body of work incase they wanna build up a position. This means, they want from all your painting periods relevant works in there art collection portfolio.

We hope you could learn something from SEAK, what he sharing here right now with you. May the Force be with you. Focus, love, do, suceed & celebrate success, have fun. At the End of the day you can still paint it directly on the wall. Everyone should be able to handle & finance this.


J von Lv at SEAK`s Studio getting his “Work Hard Play Hard”

J v. Lv again personally at SEAK`s Studio getting his "Work Hard Play Hard"
J v. Lv again personally at SEAK`s Studio getting his “Work Hard Play Hard”

J von Lv! Wieder hoher Besuch Im Atelier von SEAK. Die angefragte Papierarbeit “Work Hard Play Hard” (100cm x 140cm Mischtechnik) wird natürlich selbstverständlich auch persönlich abgeholt. Viel Spass Damit.



“Occupied” by SEAK Edition. Jetzt SEAK`s erster Kunstdruck / Now SEAK`s first Art Print

Dieser limitierte Kunstdruck hier ist für alle die es nicht nur Faustdick hinter den Ohren haben, und oder eine etwas feinere Stimulation zuschätzen wissen und die Nuancen ohne Hitze testen, oder die einfach nur sinnliche Details mögen, oder auf Spiegel Online das Internationale Occupy Movement gerade mitverfolgen,

“Occupied” (Red) by SEAK 2011

Title/Titel: “Occupied (Red)”

Artist / Künstler: SEAK

Fine Art Print (Giclee) / Hahnemühle Paper/ Papier 305 g/m² / 60cm x 60cm / 2011

Edition/ Auflage: 10 (Handsigned & numbered by the Artist/ Handsigniert & nummeriert vom Künstler)

Price/Preis: 250,- €  (plus shipping & packaging/ zuzüglich Verpackung & Porto)

(Half of the Edition is already sold. We still have a few Pieces. The new Price is 350,- € ((500 € )) ( plus shipping & packaging/ Die Hälfte der Edition ist jetzt abverkauft. Wir haben noch ein paar Exemplare für Sie. Der neue Preis ist netto 350,- € ((500 €)) Pro Blatt (zuzüglich Verpackung & Porto))

if interested please: / bei Interesse bitte:

Occupy SEAK`s Pursuit of Happiness. First come, first served.

oder für die, die Farbe Rot lieben,  jemanden Grossen authentischen aus der Urban/Street/ Graffiti Art Bewegung sammeln, vom Typ her eher Chef sind, sich es leisten können sich ne echte Portion Strassenglaubwürdigkeit nach Hause holen zu können,…oder Im Levve  stehen und et läuff, ein Stück wertige Stilstudie und Entwicklung eines grossen europäischen “Graffiti” Künstlers & Style Pioniers festhalten wollen, oder Bock auf zeitgenössische frische Malerei haben und erst mal mit Kunstdrucken anfangen wollen um reinzukommen, oder einfach nur den ersten limitierten Kunstdruck von SEAK haben wollen, weil sie schon ahnen das Ding irgendwann mal sowas von eine Gute Wertanlage ist, Hammer geil ausssieht, teil haben können und den Macher fördern….

close up/ Detail: SEAK`s Basic Hardcore Pure Style/ Visual Language, which he influenced & inspired the Graffiti & Urban Art World/Painting Scene  within, since the mid 90`ies. A Rebel/ Next Level Pioneer within the Global Street Subculture.

fullfilling Details,…mindblowing Textures,…hidden Electric Blue Pieces….crystalising thru the red Liquid like Line Carpet. Occupying the concious Moment and manifesting the Feeling of Now. Almost 20 years of Streetsmart painting knowledge, True Spraypaint Enamel Master Skills, a Pioneer Approach on defining new Styles and Elements thru honesty, a fresh, playful, brand new oilpainting free Spirit, merged with Expierenced  lightfooted easyness of an Intense Expierenced Life. Sweet Quality.

one/ eins: Die Bösen sind oft Gut, und die Guten sind gerissen. Nur für kurze Zeit. Normalerweise machen wir nur Gross.

  “Occupied” (red) SEAK`s first Art Print

SEAK`s occupied (red) printfrüh dabei sein und einsteigen/ to join early and be a part of next

spontainous buyer here: SEAK`s occupied (red) print spontainous Buyer & Fan here.

Fühlt euch frei  “Occupied” (red) von SEAK im Internet, auf euerem Blog, eurer Website, mit eueren Homies, Leuten, Freunden,  zu hypen & zu liken.
The Heat is on! Haters wanna Hate, Lovers wanna Love. Bitte Danke


Dein Name gesprüht & gemalt im SEAK 3D Style auf Leinwand

Your Name, the Name of your Daughter, Wife, or Son styled, tagged, stylised, developed, sprayed, glorified, reflected, inspired, portrayed, idealised, painted in the futuristic SEAK 3D Style.

Urban Art Your Ego with a truly Royal Karma Boost. It helps if you have a Name.

SEAK on Canvas

The Sketches below are done to spraypaint and paint a “Linus” Canvas, based esthically on this Canvas here where SEAK realised his own Name.

As a Self fullfilling Prophecy “Linus”:  dynamic, powerfull, energetic, cool, fast.

Die “Linus” Skizzen hier sind Entwürfe für eine Leinwand, die ästhetisch & von der Komposition auf einer Leinwand basieren soll, wo SEAK seinen eigenen Namen umgesetzt hat.

Als sich Selbst erfüllende Prophezeiung “Linus”:  dynamisch, stark, klar, energetisch, kühl & schnell.

Dein Name in meinem Stil. Erste Entwurfsskizzen

Dein Name entworfen & gemalt im SEAK Style.

self fulfilling prophecy?! Your Name painted in my Style